Saturday, July 31, 2010

Old Poll - - - - New Poll


Yes, that's right. The results are in for the all important, "Should Barnashram get Cows or Goats."

Final tally:
16 people (76%) said we should get goats;
6 people (28%) said we should get Jersey cows;
4 people (19%) said we should get Indian type cows (zebu/brahma);
4 people (19%) said they would help with aninmals.

Okay, couple of problems here....
1. First, if you add up the percentages, they come up to 142% !!! What's up with that? Of course you COULD vote for more than 1 item.
2. Ultimately, we're gonna do what we're gonna do. A brief poll doesn't account for all the reasons we want (or are inclined toward) cows over goats (for instance, have you ever tried using goat dung on a homa fire? Ever tried to get butter or ghee from goat milk? etc.)
3. Although 4 people polled said they would help (AHEM!!), unfortunately, we have no way to know WHO you are. So, please feel free to 'fess up' and let us know via email, or whatever. It may be months or more before anything ever happens. A lot of pre-work would have to be done, like new fences, a new animal space/barn/shelter, etc. And of course, if you're willing to help with that, let us know as well.


And that brings us to the New Poll:

Who or What are the Real Terrorists......
1. The So Called Terrorists (Al Khaeda/Taliban/Osama Bin Laden, etc.
2. The Federal Government
3. The Banks & Corporations
4. Our Own Minds and Egos

Voting is over in two weeks (August 14th). Go ahead. Make a statement. The whole world will be watching this poll!!! Really!!! Fer Shure Dudes!!!

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  1. Now how did I not see this poll!?? This would have been a tough call for me. I much prefer goats myself. I love goats. But for you? Cows make so much more sense. Pujas, the Vedantic thing, et al. And why not get ghee from goat's milk? I physically can tolerate goat's milk way better than cow's milk. But...this ain't about me. Sigh. So, I would have voted for YOU to get cows. I would not be particular about what kind of cows, mostly because I don't know the difference. They are all cows. Can you even get Indian cows in the States?? And I'd be glad to help...when I'm in Portland. :)

    As for your new poll, all of the above, of course. :)!! (yeah, yeah, the right answer is probably #4, but that's my answer and I'm sticking to it!)