Monday, September 6, 2010

The "A-B-C's" of All That Is.....And the "Individuals" which Inhabit It

First, I have to apologize, as this turned out much longer than I had anticipated. However, it is one of the more comprehensive things that has been written, and if you can truly read it all AND seek to fully understand it, it has the potential to forever change your life!

Okay, I know that sounds like  a pretty highfalutin title, but it is, from our  direct experience, what all of this manifestation (and pre-manifestation), is.  I know I went through these ABC things before, but it is VERY important and the basis of understanding the whole principle of 'Waking Up' etc. So let's begin again.

First, for all of those dyed in the wool Advaitins (non-dualists) out there, yes, there IS only one thing happening, AND / BUT that one thing is also manifesting as MANY things. Just as on the planet earth, there is only the planet earth here, and EVERYTHING that is arising on, in, from Earth is just some manifestation of Earth - be it trees, dirt, shit, pizza, saintly bodies, sinner bodies, beauty, ugliness, land, water, etc. etc. etc. is only Earth!  But the thing from earth called you, is seeing/tasting/smelling... the thing coming up from the Earth as poop, beer, rainbows, etc.  All right, we good so far?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why is Krishna Called the Supreme Personality of Godhead?

My Spiritual Master referred to God or Krishna as the "Supreme Personality of Godhead."  For years, I didn't think much about it, as we often don't really look at things or analyze them much. We just grab onto a concept and repeat it. It becomes one more 'meme' in our lives.  (btw  -  if you don't know what a meme is, look it up. Or ask me about it. They are a fascinating subject and explain much of who we are.)

Anyway, as the years passed on, and various phases of the journey were gone through, it sort of arose, "Exactly what does that mean?"  After all, it seems very one-sided or "Only Way-ish" if you know what I mean. Like accept Krishna or you go to hell!!!!

But if you analyze it, it actually makes a HUGE amount of sense. So let's take a look at the actual words involved in 'Supreme Personality of Godhead':