Thursday, May 19, 2011

Send Me Some Love!!!

Heart to Heart!
Ironically, when I first contemplated writing this blog, it was about how 95% of the time, due to my health, I am at home at Barnashram, and most of that alone, and I am currently at a coffee shop.  (In my defense, however, I am on my way home from the doctor.)

So, anyway, there I am, lying around, spending most of my time between reading, sleeping, meditating, etc. and it comes to me...what else can I do for folks?  You can only sleep so much, my eyes get too tired and blurry after awhile for reading, and eventually there's a blank spot.  So, I thought, I could send out some love. 
Now, most everyone is familiar with texts or SMS (Small Message Service) on cell phones, but what about Send Me Some Love (abbreviated SMSL).  Absolutely no equipment is required, only an open heart.  Often, I consciously do this anyway, send out love to some of my favorite people, or simply those who come into consciousness, but perhaps there are others who are dying for some Love but just don't know where to get it. I mean, who doesn't want to get some Love, right?

So, here's the deal.  Would you like some Love?  Do you feel in need of Love, or perhaps just a little extra from time to time.  Don't be shy. I'd be more than happy to send it to you. After all, there really IS an Infinite supply of it, and it's not really mine, so I'm more than happy to share.  Now you could just send me a heart message saying 'send me love' and I'd probably get it (perhaps not consciously), or you could send me an email and say, 'I'd like some Love', and I'll add you to the list.  (If you would, I'd love to have you send a small picture of yourself so I know who I'm sending to - not that it matters.)  Then, at some point most days, as I'm lying around too tired to move, I'll send ya some lovin'.  Good old fashioned heart to heart, warm, caring, you are in my heart, Love.  And, hey, if you get too much, feel free to send it on to someone else. After all, we can all use some, right? Especially these days!

(I'll bet you thought this was a plea to send ME love, huh?)

So, remember, whether you send that email or not, and whether from me or not, you ARE loved, and you ARE LOVE!


  1. Aja, Unfortunately I am in Miami and it is way too far for me to go to you to hang out. I would if I still lived in Coos Bay but 4000 miles is a little to
    I'll keep you in my prayers.


    Guy Menadier
    President, Living Love Church

  2. I love you man!... like a father really.


  3. you are so sweet. i appreciate your Love and am sending some back to you right NOW.

  4. Please send me love. Am tested by the control of ignorant people. Please, oh Lord, do not let them put a cell tower aimed at me from a 1/4 a mile away. And I send you violet magenta light for healing . . . .


  6. "Love is the opening door,nobody could offer you more,do you know what i mean?,have your eyes really seen?"
    So much has been said about
    "Love! Love! Love!",so,what is love?,is it "just a four letter word"?,is it subject?,is it an object?(to awareness),is it something we give?,or get?,"does it steer the stars"?,all of the above?Luv ya Aja-ji

  7. I feel you sending love from time to time,, you have been one of my most important love sources for years,,, I hold a very personal and important place in my heart.......You will always be my advocate and intimate friend throughout this life......i owe so much to you,, I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH,, and have missed seeing you,,,