Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So Now I'm a Terrorist????

Do I look like this?

Nearly 30 years ago, I did an apparently radical thing,,,I declared my sovereignty, i.e. I became a "Sovereign Citizen".  What does that mean?  It's the same thing the founding fathers did 200+ years ago when they wrote the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. They said there was no one between them and God, such as the King of England or the East India Company  (yep, even then - governments and corporations). 

Now, I didn't do it because I particularly disliked our government, it was simply one of the many things I have done through this life in a question for FREEDOM!  And, I might add, there actually was a great sense of freedom that arose, like one more veil was more thing that I didn't have to identify myself as; one more false conception to cling to or to burden me....there was just Aja and God. 

I've never made a very big deal about it, really.  Yes, it did entail sending out various letters to various government agencies and so forth, rescinding my original signature on my Social Security application, not re-applying for a drivers license, and so on, and also not paying taxes (the vast majority of which go directly to the defense department).  I've never been very big on politics. I haven't even voted since McGovern lost in 1972.  My primary objective in life has been for Truth and Freedom.

So, what a surprise when I find out (via the most recent "60 Minutes" that according to the FBI, I (well, all "Sovereign Citizens") am NOW considered one of the "Top Domestic Terror Threats" - ME!  Okay, I admit I get cranky from time to time, I even raise my voice once in awhile.  I've may have even suggested that the government may have a number of crooks in it.  But TERRORIST? 

Okay, so I hold a few radical views: I'm more or less an anarchist (in other words I don't feel humans need any government if they live humanely and with love); I feel that  we'd be far better off in a simple communal spiritual lifestyle, rather than our present "civilization" which is totally greedy and unsustainable. In other words, I would love a world where we lived according to the principles of the  Tao, Daiva Varnashrama, Vedic Society, whatever you want to call it - cultivating Simplicity, Community & Spirituality.  If that's terrorism, then, well, get out the thumbscrews! I confess.

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