Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why the Blight of Blogs?

Mine is Smaller and White!
So what's the deal with the sudden 'Bum's Rush' of Blogs?  It's my 'White Board'. I know...the picture at left is really a blackboard, but it's a more exciting picture than my white board.  (Originally, the caption for this was, "And thus, you have the basic formula for understanding women.").  Anyway, I got two primary things for my birthday a couple of weeks ago - a big white board and an Amazon Kindle (more on this at a later time  and the upcoming "In This Moment Kindle Book") 

The story goes like this:  I had once,, in passing, mentioned to my wife that it would be cool to have one of those giant boards for writing down stuff - you know like the "Theory and formula for EVERYTHING" or figuring out "Who-dunnit?" like in the detective shows.  So, everyone else chipped in for the Kindle, and my daughter got the white board. (Yeah! - Somebody listened when I spoke.)  So, it took a few weeks, but the other day I finally got it up (well, actually Abhaya and Gopal - my wife and son put it up), and immediately I started writing down blog ideas.  They come in to my consciousness all the time, I just never get around to writing them down, or jotting down the ideas before they fade into the ethers.

So now, here's this giant board, just beckoning me to write something on it,and as it gives me an opportunity to snort some white board marker ink (to kill a few more braincells) I quickly try to write down the ideas before they disappear forever.  And guess what? It least for now.  I still have 2 or 3 written up there, so more blogs to come, and hopefully ideas will keep on coming.  Have any suggestions? I know everything, you know!  Or at least my wife would say that's what I believe.  Actually I don't, but there is a big access point into infinite knowledge, and if I don't know, I'll maybe tell you the truth, or perhaps just make something up.  Who's to know, right?

Or, if nothing else, I'll pretend I'm a detective and paste up pictures and make arrows, add suspects, clues, and solve mysteries, like "Why do people think I'm a 'whack-job?'  (Too easy!)

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