Thursday, August 23, 2012

Atma Items Now For Free

Our present culture, our so-called civilization, has completely based itself on a concept -  money. And the truth is, there is no money. We have, in our minds, created or concretized money as something real and tangible. It is only a concept, an imagination, a chimera. There is NO money.  And yet, virtually everything we do in every moment of our lives revolves around this sham called money.

"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon." - Jesus tells us, and is oft quoted (like the way I use 'oft'?)

For years I thought mammon was some fancy pants word for 'man', but it's not. Mammon means money or riches, and denotes greed. Our entire culture is based on greed. Sure, maybe each of us is not as greedy as that infamous 'One Percent'. I mean, we're part of the 99 %, the oppressed, the one's getting our collective butts kicked. But too often, we are also kicking the butts of others. Each one of us has a tendency to get what we can, get as much money as we can. Even, or especially, in the name of spirituality.

In my own life, I noticed that I always appreciated those teachers who never charged anything for their teachings. It wasn't like I sought them out, but noticed, after the fact, that those for whom I had the most respect, to whose teachings I was most strongly drawn, never charged a penny. It's not to say that the others didn't perhaps have good teachings, but somehow their teachings were tainted slightly.

Today, of course, it is virtually impossible, perhaps even illegal to not have money. It is the accepted means of exchange. And, indeed, we use it here at Barnashram. I mean, you still have to 'pay' bills like electricity. But what if you could get away from it as much as possible. For instance, what if you could give things away for free or barter.  It's sort of like fasting. Not everybody is going to fast for spiritual reasons, but maybe some will, a day, a week, a month. Or perhaps some will learn to live without food and live on faith, so to speak. There are many in history and I've known some myself. 

So, along these lines, I've decided to stop selling my products. On the products tab of this site, you'll find that the books I've produced have been put into PDF format, and the Mantra CD has been put into mp3's for download.   (There's a couple of things I've produced that aren't there yet, and perhaps I'll get them there at some point.)  So, please, take, enjoy. May they serve you well.  Now, I'm not against donations, and if you find them useful, you're welcome to donate, but PLEASE do not feel obligated.

In the past, how wisdom was received, was in a teacher/student relation, wherein the teacher gave teachings and the student reciprocated with service. Today, however, no one wants to serve. Our basic nature is that we always serve, but in our culture we serve only ourselves. There is no humility and far too much narcissim and hubris to actually serve someone else. Culture has made us all the same, under the term equal. Equal and Same are different. A man and a woman are equal, but not the same.  A doctor and patient are equal but not the same.  And one who has knowledge and realization, and the one who doesn't are equal, BUT NOT THE SAME. 

We live in a universe of make-believe, and we fail to discern the truth from that make-believe. Sameness is make believe. Money is make believe. Government is make believe. Political Correctness is make believe.  Seek to see the real truth in all things. Inquire into it and explore if it is truly real or make believe. In many cases you can find out by simply asking, did someone say this, insist on it, is it the law of man or religion or culture. If so, it's probably complete bullshit. But your HEART will know, if you are free from greed.

Okay, go have fun now.
I love you!

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