Tuesday, October 2, 2012


"If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." - Emma Goldman

As everyone probably realizes, we are counting down to the so-called 2012 election. So, I thought I would say a little something about voting. DON'T!

Now this little blog will probably either register as a "well, duh", or "Blasphemy!" But the reality is that voting is simply a means to theoretically choose which puppet slave-master you want. All government is bad, and based on the principle of violence of one or some over others. Why would one choose to have someone rule over them? Generally, no one would choose it unless they had a complete lack of self confidence or were physically or mentally handicapped. Because something is already in place, we assume that it is the norm and therefore 'okay.' The same situation existed for slavery for thousands of years. Often slaves were treated extremely well, and were even part of the family. But they were slaves. Similarly, just because there is a government, doesn't imply that it is good. Do you want to govern people? I don't. But the reality is, that those who want government, and more particularly those who want to be IN government, nearly always want to govern others with a VERY few notable exceptions - Ron Paul for instance, who I think has basically good intentions. But the reality is that voting for any government is voting for someone to rule over you and tell you what you can and cannot do. "But we can change that," I hear you exclaim. But can you really? Have you yet? The great cry of Obama was, of course, Hope and Change. And yet, even after "winning" the Nobel Peace Prize, he continued and escalated the killing. Politicians are all just....well...politicians. And they are there to, by definition, RULE you, control you, govern you.

But what would happen if there was no government? Who would build the roads? - which is the most common question. Who does everything now? People. Anything that can be done by government can be done by individuals and groups of people in exactly the same way and a miniscule fraction of the cost. If inidivduals or groups felt a road, or building, or electrical project was needed, they could come together and either build it themselves or fund it themselves.

But even more important than that is the fact that by voting for a government, allowing the government to rule you, you also are voting for all of their laws, and EVERYTHING they decide to do with that money. Which means you are voting for chemtrails, big pharma, banksters, flouride in your water, big agri-business versus small farms, required permits for children's lemonade stands, and especially mass murder in the name of democracy, really imperialism. If you vote, AND pay any taxes, 36% of that money is going to the current military budget. (That does NOT include things like homeland 'security', personal surveillance, etc.) So, say you pay $100 in taxes, you are paying $32 to kill people. Pay more...kill more people. It's as simple as that.

Voting = Murder

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  1. Wow.. I've never thought of voting and it's implications like this before.. Thank you.