Monday, January 14, 2013

Global Agenda

"What are we going to do tonight, Brain?"
"The same thing we do every night, Pinky...

For those of you who may not be familiar with these illustrious characters, they are two lab mice known as Brain (a genius), and Pinky (who is insane). Each night after the laboratory staff leaves, Brain proceeds with elaborate plots in order to take over the world, and asert his own Global Agenda.

While these zany antics are quite amusing, the reality is that Brain is not that different from any one else. In fact, each of us, consciously or unconsciously, has our own Global Agenda. However, in our case, it's simply known as "I'm right, they're wrong." You may think that simply thinking that you are right is a far cry from a global agenday, but the truth is, you would be pleased as punch if everyone in the world saw things just as you did, acted as you believed they should act, believed as you believed, made available the things you needed, and so on. I mean, in what day does something happen that you didn't wish it had happened differently, or not at all. Each of us is thinking/hoping that we are in control. In fact, there's an old saying, "If you want to be happy, resign as C.E.0. of the Universe."

Aside from the individual level, the Global Agenda idea immediately takes effect on a group level. Nearly every religion proclaims themselves the supreme ideology and singularly correct method for achieving whatever, whether any of the multitude of branches of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or even Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism. Every political and governmental system knows that they hold the keys to humanity's salvation - Communists, Fascist, Democrats, Republicans, Toris, Capitalists. Those holding one belief tend to dislike those who hold another belief, sometimes even hating and killing those people.

So, there are a couple of things that this brings to light.

1. We are essentially all guilty of the problems in the world. It is our beliefs that completely define who we are, from lesbian, buddhist democrat to pedophile, christian, republican. In fact, our beliefs even define the fact the we believe we are a man or a woman, a human, on planet earth, real at all. To many, these very ideas are assumed as unopposable - I am human, I am a man, this is real. But do you absolutely know that for sure? Each night as you sleep, you are immersed in a dream world where you might live in a different reality altogether - you might be an animal, transgender, a different universe. You can often break the rules of physics in the dream, but even so, you are certain that it is real (in most cases). When you wake up, however, like now (supposedly) you similarly KNOW that THIS is the true reality. How? How do you know? It is simply experiences, and even the most basic biology class tells us that our eyes and ears are simply receiving signals from the "outside" which they send to the brain, which interprets it and then "YOU" receive them. Which, of course, begs the question - Who are You? This is obviously a huge question which needs a great deal of exploration, but we will leave it for now.

2. The second thing that comes to mind, since it appears that we have some 7 billion plus human beings, each, at least harboring, if not putting forth, their own Global Agenda, is....

How Could This EVER Work???

And the truth is, it can't. Whether it's politics, religion, global warming, how to spend money, what to eat for breakfast, which things should or should not be illegal, we are never going to agree on anything, let alone everything! The best we could possibly do is incredibly small little communities which ALL agreed to leave each other alone. And what's the likelihood of that?

Interestingly enough, in many spiritual philosophies, this material realm is considered to be where you go WHEN you can't get along - the idea being that there is a spiritual or absolute Divine realm, wherein everyone is totally in-tune with the Whole, with the Divine plan, and that when individual ego arises to the point of not wanting to dovetail one's own desires with the whole, that individual is no longer capable of remaining with the whole. They are not compatible. Some would then designate this realm as some kind of hell or punishment for not being in-tune with God. It may be that it's more 'impersonal' than that, and this is more like a time-out zone. Can't play well with others? Go take a time-out! Go to Earth! You'll see what it's like to live with 7 billion others that don't play well or share their toys (or planet). Considering the way things look in the world, it kind of makes sense, huh??

The difficulty is, that even if you don't want to take over the world, and simply want to be left alone, from government and religious fanaticism alike, you virtually can't. Because the very nature of all of those beliefs is that those who follow them are right and EVERYONE ELSE IS WRONG, and MUST be converted, and if not converted, conquered! So..... do you really think that the mass of the world's population is going to make some kind of amazing turn around and change their nefarious ways before we destroy each other or the planet? Don't hold your breath!

The singular answer, (at least according to MY agenda) is for everyone to scrutinizingly examine ALL of their beliefs, and recognize that the VAST majority of them don't hold any water. They're simply ideas, or as one dictionary meaning says: "habits of the mind". Your individuality is defined, created in fact, by what beliefs you hold. Change your beliefs, and you change who you are. (I won't say you change WHAT you are, as that is consciousness, which is unchangeable.) Recognize that you are simply Awareness, prior to body or mind, and that Awareness has no views or opinions. It SEES your views and opinions, but isn't attached or identified with them. If you can see that, and let go of your beliefs, your habits of the mind, you can be free. It doesn't mean that others won't try to persuade you or force you to their point of view, but ultimately it doesn't matter. If you truly want to be of benefit, let go of your beliefs, and help others to let go of all of their beliefs. And if you have to hold onto a belief, the only one that seems to really have a positive impact is LOVE!

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