Monday, November 30, 2015

The Tao of Krsna

There is nothing not of God,
Infinite energies of God,
An entire spectrum of energies,
Higher and lower,
But all of God.

Think of the Earth,
And everything upon it.
Everything that we see is nothing but earth -
The trees, the rivers, the mountains,
And even the cars and buildings and the pollution
All of it is the Earth.
As all of it was produced from the Earth,
None of it was borrowed from somewhere else.
It is simply all various energies of the Earth.

Similarly....everything is of God,
The multifarious energies of God.
An incredible spectrum of God.
As everything on Earth IS Earth
Everything in Existence IS Existence
And Existence IS God.

You can call it by 10,000 names,
Or 10 billion names,
But it is all of the same thing - Energies of God.

What are the qualities of God?
God is Beingness or Presence,
God is Consciousness,
And God is Pleasure/Bliss.

Being, Consciousness, Bliss -
Arising and projecting as everything.
There is nothing that exists that is not
An expression, projection, manifestation of God
Even YOU.

You, in your pure Essence,
Are a Spark of God
An infinitestimal part of the Godhead,
Equal in quality,
But infinitesimal in quantity.

But the Absolute has Will,
Free Will,
And so do you.

As a manifested individualized projection,
Of the Absolute,
You also have free will,
And can CHOOSE,
Where your conciousness/attention is placed.

You as pure consciousness,
A spark of God,
Have chosen to identify
With your body,
And with your mind -
Lower energies of God.
But you are not your body or mind.

We are the "I"
The Divine Consciousness
The body is an instrument,
A vehicle.

Mind is also an expression of God -
A lower energy of God.
The mind is like a prism,
A prism takes the singularity of light,
And turns it into a rainbow of colors.

The mind is like prism.
It takes God's Fullness,
And gives it 10,000 or 10 billion names.
Ths thing and that thing,
All of them of God, but now with 10,000 names.
And mind says some of them are "good",
And mind says some of them are "bad",
But all of them are God's energies.

Our mind, and our free will,
Also allows us to choose,
Choose whether to see 10,000 or 10 billion things,
Or whether to see all of it as the energies of God.

Our mind and our free will also allow us,
To choose if we see enemies and friends,
Or only God, manifesting in different ways.

When we see enemies and friends,
Then we need to protect the one,
And defend from the other.
We see everything as a friend or enemy,
As good or bad,
Instead of seeing it all as God.

Why is it like this?
Why do we see 10,000 things instead of God?
Because we are individuals,
Sparks of the FIRE,
Waves of the Ocean,
One with God,
Yet separate.
Inconceivable mystery -
That we are One and Not One.

As individuals,
We are independent.
God is the ultimate Independent,
But we are also independent,
And we want to declare our independence...
"Look at ME! I am special"
And we ARE special
We are special because we are part of God,
But when we declare our independence FROM God,
When we identify as our body and mind,
Instead of with God,
Now we are NOT so special.
We suffer the pangs of separation,
We seek solace.
We feel isolated and alone.
We seek shelter in 10,000 and 10 billion things.
We seek to enjoy.
But enjoyment is always,
Accompanied by suffering.
Like night and day,
Hot and cold,
Friends and enemies,
The world is filled with dualities.
And happiness and suffering is another.
We can't have one without the other.
Like the goose that laid the golden eggs
The farmer wanted to stop feeding the goose,
And only get the eggs.
So the farmer cut off the goose's head -
No more feeding the goose,
But alas, also no more eggs.

Duality is the nature of our existence,
Day and Night,
Happiness and Distress.

The only way to avoid them,
Is to recognize Everything as the energies of God,
Everything as an expression of God.

Everything that you see IS God's energy.
Everything that you hear IS God's energy.
Everything that you smell IS God's energy.
Everything that you touch IS God's energy.
Everything that you taste IS God's energy.

God, yet not God -
The expansions, expressions, projections,
Manifestations of God.
But what arises from God, is also of God.

And God is a person!
Just like us.
We are individualized personal expansions of God,
And God is also an individualized Person,
The Supreme Person.
And yet....non dual
Not Two.

The Great Purana says:
'The knowers of the Truth,
know that non-dual Truth,
In three ways:
All pervasive Absolute,
Localized in the Heart,
And as the Supreme Person.

And we are the expression,
Expansions of that Supreme Person.
We are just like Him -
Sparks from the Flame.
But a spark away from the flame,
Soon goes dark -

We seek happiness and enjoyment.
We seek Bliss.
God is Bliss.
The Supreme Enjoyer and Supreme Enjoyed -
The most Beautiful, the most Attractive.
We are all, knowingly or unknowingly
Attracted to God.

Because He is the All Attractive One,
He is called Krsna the "All Attractive".
 Krsna is the source of everthing,
Including Love.
Real love is love of God,
Love of Krsna - The All Attractive One!

When we turn our attention, our consciousness,
Away from the body,
And the lower energies of God,
Back toward Krsna, our Original Source,
Then we, too, can experience Love.
We can experience Bliss.
We reciprocate our Love with Krsna,
Who is the source of -
All Beauty,
All Strength,
All Knowledge,
All Fame,
All Wealth, and
All Renunciation.

These are God's opulences.
Many possess some of these opulences in part,
But the One who possesses them in FULL,
Is called Krsna -
The Possesser and Source of all opulences.

And because Krsna is Absolute,
Everything related to Krsna is also Absolute.
His Name and His Pastimes.
Because Krsna's name is Absolute,
It is non-different from Him.
We can actually associate with God,
By simply remembering Him,
By hearing about Him,
And by chanting and singing His Name.

Krsna has hundreds and thousands of names,
But Krsna is the most excellent name.
It embodies all His qualities and,
Perfectly expresses God,
As the Supreme and All-Attractive Personality of Godhead.

The most beautiful expression of His Name,
Is called the Hare Krsna Mahamantra -
The "Great Deliverer of the Mind"

The Mahamantra is:
Hare Krsna Hare Krsna,
Krsna Krsna Hare Hare,
Hare Rama Hare Rama,
Rama Rama Hare Hare,

Hare, Krsna and Rama are all Names of God.
Spoken as a prayer:
'Oh God, Oh Energies of God,
Please allow me to love You,
Please allow me to serve You.

One should chant this Mahamantra,
Exactly like a child cries for his mother,
Or a lover calls out to their beloved,
With sincere longing of heart and mind.

By constantly chanting his Hare Krsna Mahamantra,
We are directly associating with God.
We are praying to God,
To remember Him,
To serve Him,
To Love Him.
The more we chant it,
The more we are associating,
And soon we will develop Love of God.
Our hearts will be cleansed,
And we will see God everywhere.

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna,
Krsna Krsna Hare Hare,
Hare Rama Hare Rama,
Rama Rama Hare Hare,

The most insignificant beggar,
Aja dasa cries out,
'Oh friend -
Take these Holy Names of God,
Upon your lips,
Embed them within your heart,
And take shelter of the God of Love,
Lord Krsna.

This is the Tao of Krsna


  1. This is like a shout from the mountain top, a 21st century Hare Krsna manifesto! It is full of dignity and heartfelt devotion.

  2. Outrageous that the only comment on the Tao of Krsna is mine! Unacceptable!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Do we really have free will? Aren't we used by the mind rather than being users of the mind? Isn't the mind limited by its conditioning?

    True free will can only exist in full empowerment and awareness. Neither of these is manifest for 99.99999 some odd percent of us. The rest of us are robots with a divine spark existing as a ghost in the machine.

    1. Payton - yes, that's basically true. But we do have VERY limited free will, that is essentially limited to shifting our awareness TO or AWAY from the mind and toward the Self and God - and even that is limited in most people it seems.