Thursday, April 14, 2016

Writing to Write

I like writing. In fact, I LOVE writing. For me, writing is a form of letting go. It's a way to unburden your mind. It can be a way of both scraping the scum from the top of the mental pond, as well as to delve deeply into furthest reaches of the ocean of consciousness. 

Often, I use writing to explore a topic within my own consciousness - allowing the thoughts to flow freely as I quickly type them out, and thus expressing those thoughts.  I have found repeatedly, that much of what is in our mind is the stuff that's just sort of floating on the top, that go round and round as they have no outlet.  

In an ideal society, we would have close friends with which to share our ideas, and some individuals are fortunate enough to have such friends. But in today's world, we are often without the kind of deeply bonded friendship in which we can feel totally safe in expressing ourselves.   (As an aside - my definition of a friend has always been a person to whom you can tell ANYTHING and they will not judge you - a rare commodity.)

But lacking that kind of friendship, writing can be a very close second.  Journaling, in any form, allows an escape for many of those thoughts that are otherwise 'stuck in your head', and consequently, to go deeper into your own consciousness, or to see the next layer, at least. 

For many years, I did a form of Self inquiry, based on the Enlightenment Intensives of Charles Berner. The incredibly simple process involved 2 individuals facing each other, with one requesting of the other to "Tell me who you are."  The second individual then 'intends' to directly experience who they are, and then  'communicates' that to their partner.  I'm somewhat over-simplifying the process, but the point is, that with each communication, one can hopefully then see the next layer down of who they are, expressing layer after layer, until the can directly recognize and communicate that pure primal Self.

Earlier in life, I also spent a great deal of time writing and journaling, with one of my favorites being "non-stop writing".  With non-stop writing, one sets a particular amount of time - 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes, or whatever duration they want, setting a timer. During that time, one must continue to write without pausing to consider what to write next!  Even if one has to write "I don't know what to write, this is stupid, why am I doing this, I'm an idiot...." and other such things, one cannot stop writing until the timer goes off. The very act of continuously writing helps one to 'break' the thinking patterns, pushing out the crap, so to speak, and often facilitating an incredible release of new and deeper realizations. 

While it IS wonderful to have a true friend with whom you can share your most intimate, enlightened or embarrassing thoughts, the benefit of utilizing writing for clarity, is that you don't NEED to have the friend around....Paper and pen, (or electronic method) are all you need, and you can do it just about anytime and anywhere! 

But actually, this is NOT what I wanted to write about, but rather to explain where I may be going with this blog.  For those few of you who actually read this on a 'regular' basis, you may have noticed I have NOT been writing much, and there are a couple reasons behind this (in no particular order):
1. I haven't actually had much to say
2. Because of my health, my mind feels a little cloudier
3. I initially set up the blog with the idea that it should 'look a certain way',  for instance - always have a quote from someone, a picture of something, be halfway intelligent!

And because of that, I have had difficulty in writing any kind of regular posts.  However, I think I've come up with a solution to these three problems:
1. Start writing anyway, and 'stuff' to say will come up.
2. Writing is a great way to 'clear your mind' as I mentioned above.
3. Let go of caring what it looks like, or what it says!


So, my intention here is NOT to write for admiration or money or prestige or whatever other reasons one writes, but more for Self-purification.  My spiritual master often said that one should write ONLY for Self purification - of course, he was speaking primarily about writing about God, and no doubt, some of what I write will be about God.  But much of it may be simply ramblings, total nonsense, abstract junk, highly philosophical ideals, and things you wouldn't even tell your mother!  (Okay, probably not, but you get the idea.)  In fact, with Blogger, you have the ability to write a post and send it to your blog via email, and have it post instantly!  (Previously, I would send it as a 'draft', then go in, add a picture, double check it, etc.  NOT anymore.  Just gonna send that puppy over and let it land where it will, or as they say, "Let God sort it out!")

SO.....THAT is my plan, or intention, or idea, or ???  Thus, you MAY look forward to many more posts coming up here (or in your email in-box, if you've signed up to receive them  - See the "RECEIVE EACH BLOG BY EMAIL" to the more or less top right of this blog if you'd like to get every one! )

And as always, you are welcome to comment on what is here. I just ask you to 'be kind', as I'm a fragile thing.  And remember: A true friend never judges!  :-D



  1. I love writing. Thanks for the reminder to do it. Freeform even if I don't make it super polished. My own writing has fallen off quite a bit which is too bad because it brings me much pleasure. You are a true friend because you are kind and don't judge (that much! ;) ) and I know you Love me. Hope you are feeling better. Hugs.

  2. Love your writing! Love your pics too!

    1. Dhanyavad! Please come visit again sometimes. \o/

    2. Your timing is perfect! I was recently thinking of the self inquiry dyads you use to faciliate at Barnashram and was wondering about the details, which I found at this link, thanks to your reference: ttp:// Thank you for writing!