Who Is Aja?

"In the center of your Being is a Point of Space...
A Point which opens into Pure Awareness and Absolute Infinity."

Aja dasa is, first and foremost, an insignificant disciple of his spiritual master, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Although, previously a teacher of Sanskrit and Self inquiry, he is now retired and currently living in semi-reclusion, at his home, Barnashram, where he attempts to take shelter of the Holy Names of Krishna.  Although he discourages unknown visitors, y
ou are welcome, to email him, if you have a question about spiritual life.


Allegedly was born in the phenomenal world - 1954
Lifelong deep and abiding search for Truth
Began regular meditation in 1972
Became a Hindu monk in 1974 and given the name Aja das (meaning servant of the Unborn) by his spiritual master, Sri Srimad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Ordained a Hindu Priest (Brahmana) 1975 and initiated into Gayatri Mantra by his master in Vrndavana, India (Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya Sampradaya)
Began 'householder' life, marrying Abhaya in 1978 (resulting in 4 children - all currently grown)
Started Song of God Church 1980 (short lived)
Created Bhaktivedanta Society, Inc. in 1981 (a 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization)
Created Atma Institute as a dba of Bhaktivedanta Society 1984
Received a Doctorate of Naturopathy Degree from the International University in 1984
Through intensive Self-Inquiry "Woke up" to the direct recognition of Self as Absolute Consciousness - 1990
Completed Sanskrit Teacher Training through American Sanskrit Institute and given title Sanskrit Adhyapaka - 1990
Moved to current location, starting Barnashram in 1991
Given title of 'Acharya' (spiritual teacher) by Sri Acharya Rajendra of Sriji Temple in Vrndavana, India - 2005
Currently living as a Vanachari (forest dweller) of sorts, at his home Barnashram.

Author -
Daily Health in the Indian Ayurvedic System
In This Moment - Teachings on the Nature of Consciousness
Mantra - the Power of Sound (Book & CD)
And other stuff

What others have to say...

You are the best teacher I've ever known.  I can't think of anyone who has taught me anything more important...Every time I think you've taught me everything you need to. I find that you have so much more to give and I have so much more to learn. K.Y.

Aja guided me through a Meditation and brought me further then my usual level of awareness. I came to a point where there is no sound, sight, smell or touch - only the awareness, the non-physical which we are, where there is no separation between anything.  I.R.

Aja, you are a beacon spreading the right gospel in a world that doesn't
appreciate it enough, no, is actually averse to it. That's all the more
reason why it's important for you to keep sending out the vibes. T.D.

'Lion of Awareness'... Yes, Aja, many, many thanks to you for helping me to uncover myself. Its constantly uncovering but its there now.  A. M.

Aja, like all great teachers, has the ability to guide the student according to their distinct needs. That careful approach made it seemingly simple to unclutter my mind just enough to see what has always been there. How do you thank someone for such an incredible recognition?! The recognition was full of paradoxes: profound yet simple, foreign yet familiar, utterly calming and yet exciting, etc. Aja, Thank you!  V.L.

Suddenly, there was no longer here and there, right or wrong, there was only awareness, pure consciousness left, the truth of who I am.  P.K.

I am grateful to Aja for relentlessly pointing me back to what is eternally here/now. Aja helped shatter all of my misconceptions and illusions around what enlightenment and spirituality are really about. If you are ready to let go of who you think you are, then come and see Aja.  Z.M.

What was left as 'I' had seemingly expanded into infinity. There was nothing other than stillness and in this stillness was peace and freedom. Nothing could touch this stillness. Everything was allowed to be in it and there was nothing that was missing, nothing to continue looking for.  R.S. 

How does one say thank you for this? ...There is only one desire, the desire to drop all the self defined veils that separate me from my true self. I love you sweet nothing.  Thank you for just being while the rest of us attempt to be something.   You are a pure beacon, calling us Home. In deep admiration, G.G.

Aja reaches into your soul and helps you to touch the divine. Swami J.P.

This is where it starts to get fuzzy. You reached over and touched me lightly with your finger and I was still sorta thinking, "righ, mmmmmkkkkk" and then my head cracked open and it was like being on psychedelics. And what I felt was my small part of the WHOLE, I felt the connection between EVERYTHING, nothing is separate. I felt not only in the Universe, I felt a part of the Universe, I was the Universe, we all are. Then it occurred to me that you had put your finger on me and that what I was experiencing was your doing. I looked over at you while you were speaking and I looked in your eyes and I knew, without a doubt. that you were enlightened and fully awake to God. You seemed different to me than at any other point before, I could see in your sparkly eyes there was a knowing. K.R.