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In This Moment as a PDF

Gayatri Mantra Book as a readable PDF or to print a booklet PDF

Mantra - The Power Sound - Also as a readable PDF or to print a booklet PDF

(Warning: - Both the Mantra Book and Gayatri Book utilize Sanskrit and Transliteration Fonts. We're pretty sure that you will be able to read them on most computers, however, they may not print out. If you would like to get the fonts on your computer, they are available free (or donation) at: 
The two fonts used are Sanskrit 98 and Translit 98.  )

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In This Moment! - Teachings on the Nature of Consciousness 

Wake Up! Wake Up! The possibility to awaken to your true nature is available in this very instant, but chances are you’re missing it. Who you are is really infinite Divine

Consciousness, but it is simply clouded by your concepts of who you are. This book is a compilation of many of Aja's writings on the nature of Reality and includes the

smaller version of Right Now! In This Moment, Searching After Truth, and a collection of Spiritual Sharings which Aja sends out by email. This is a powerful book that will

absolutely change the way you experience your Self and Reality! 180 pages. Perfect Bound.

(To read excerpts from the book - click here)

“In these beautiful essays, Aja Thomas comes before us as a gentle liberator, a teacher of skillful means who uses humor and empirical evidence to reveal the true

nature of the Self; and, by doing so, he offers a profound vision of how we can experience each moment of our lives with happiness, joy, and unshakable peace. The

spiritual gifts---and ancient wisdom---Aja so generously provides on these pages deserve our deepest gratitude.”

Charles Johnson – Award winning author of Middle Passage and Dreamer

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Mantra - The Power of Sound    (Booklet & CD)

Sanskrit is the language of Mantra, words of power subtly attuned to the matrix of creation. This 28 page booklet and 1 hour CD reveals this special dimension of the ancient Sanskrit language. Includes proper pronunciation guide with chanting of the Sanskrit alphabet, invocational mantras, Savitri Gayatri, Mahamrtyunjaya Mantra (the great conquering over death), Gayatri Mantras for many Gods and Goddesses, Planetary Seed Sounds, Planetary Mantras, Chakra Bija Mantras, Healing Mantras,
 Enlightenment Mantras, and more. Most mantras are written in the original devanagari, with roman transliteration and translation. Book & CD.

“Aja’s wonderful, practical book and CD, Mantra—Power of Sound, can help anyone to chant Sanskrit and pronounce mantras perfectly. I recommend it to my students as a great way to learn mantras.”
Susan Shumsky - Author of Divine Revelations, Miracle Prayer, Exploring Chakras, and others.

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Gayatri Mantra - The Sound of Divine Light 

The Gayatri Mantra is one of the oldest and most sacred mantras from the ancient Vedic literatures. It awakens intelligence, purifies consciousness and ultimately is said to bring enlightenment. Used by nearly all the various sects of “Hinduism," the mantra itself is an invocation to the Divine Light of the Absolute to purify and awaken us, and therefore is available to anyone and everyone for these purposes. 32 pages.

Two versions:

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The Following Books are not yet available.
We  hope to have them up soon.

Narada Bhakti Sutras

Narada Muni was a great sage who was said to have traveled the length and breath of the universe disseminating transcendental knowledge and love of the divine. These 84 sutras (or aphorisms) are Narada's instruction regarding the nature and methods of Bhakti or divine love. Chapters include The Essential Nature of Supreme Bhakti, Uniqueness of Supreme Devotion, The Means to Attain Devotion, The Description of Pure Love, and The Glories of the Chief Devotees. In original Devanagari, with Roman transliteration, and word for word translation.


Daily Health in the Indian Ayurvedic System

This 40 page booklet was written in 1984 (prior to Aja's awakening). However the principles of healthy living according to this ancient 'Science of Life', the literal meaning of Ayurveda, are as applicable today as they were thousands of years ago. Book includes information on diet, hygiene, daily activities, sleep, morning routine, basics of the tridosha system, and more.


(This one is available on the Right Now tab above. Feel free to copy it)
Right Now! In This Moment

Hundreds of these books have been distributed around the world and have had a profound impact on people's awareness. Although it is very short and simple, its message is exceptionally clear and concise. It is available for free on this website, but many wish to distribute this to friends and family. This is a very convenient pocketsize, measuring 4.25 x 5.5 inches, and is 20 pages. You can order 1, 10, or as many as you like. We only ask that you give some donation to cover the cost of printing and shipping (about $1 each). (We also have it available in German, but if you are interested let us know and we can put you in contact with our German distributor).