Simplicity Gardens

"A New Generation of Farmers
Grown From Four Generations of Grocers"

 Simplicity Gardens is a huge part of Barnashram. It was started with the idea of bringing fresh, all natural, sustainably grown produce to the local community. Because  our family has been in the grocery business for four generations, we have become aware of the disturbing  direction that produce is taking, particularly genetic modification and the literal death and destruction and potential world-wide food catastrophe that is wittingly or unwittingly being carried out by Monsanto. For this reason, our focus has been on creating as wholesome and natural an environment as possible, utilizing only the purest seeds and surroundings.a wide variety of heirloom seeds, rich soils, and love,  resulting in delicious produce we can all feel good about.

Unfortunately, the term 'organic' has become a legal term and even almost a political term.  To 'legally' call something organic requires that certain steps be taken and proven and then to pay a fairly hefty fee to receive the blessings that you are indeed organic.  However, you can have organic produce without organic seeds. There are a number of things which we would never do, and yet you can still remain so-called organic.  So, in our minds, organic doesn't mean that much.  We like to think of Simplicity Gardens food as transcending organic. Ultra-Pure!

As it turns out, fortunately, we are not alone.  Portland Oregon is one of the world leaders in knowledge about being Localvores (or locavores) - in other words, individuals who attempt to eat ONLY food produced within a limited range (say 100 miles) of where they live.  So much of what people eat these days is produced hundreds and even thousands of miles away, often traveling several times that distance if it is grown one place, shipped to another for processing, shipped somewhere else for packaging, and finally shipped to some warehouse, and finally to your grocery store shelf.  Such local buying immensely cuts down travel, oil consumption, and of course, ensures fresh, vital food.

Currently, Simplicity Gardens food is available at our booth at the Montavilla Market
The market takes place every Sunday from June though October in Portland at 76th and SE Stark from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Besides fresh produce, if you get there early enough, you can also get farm fresh eggs from our Happy Chickens!

We are also hoping to have cow and/or goat milk available again soon.

If you are interested in any of these activities, or have questions contact us at:  or by phone at (503) 645-8649

What it looked like 3 years ago, AFTER removing all the blackberries

What it looked like a year or so later.

For more information on Simplicity Gardens, Abhaya has started a blog: