Monday, June 28, 2010

Poetry and Reality

Very often, with regard to the teacher, one hears the phrase....

"Hard as a thunderbolt, soft as a rose."

What Is Alive?

Right now....What is it that is "Alive"?

When we are dreaming, we assume we are awake.

When we awaken, we assume that there is a 'someone' that is alive.


What is Alive?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Welcome to our New Barnashram Website

Namaste - Greetings - Welcome - Hi, How are ya?

This is just a little blog entry to hang out for a bit. Much of the site is done, but we still have some tab pages to fill up, re-organize, etc. as you'll see if you start to explore a bit. Howeverr, as we've already started to get gawkers, readers, followers, etc. I thought it might be nice to say hello and have something there besides a year and a half old entry. So your patience is requested; your interest is appreciated, and we look forward to more formal sharing as our times goes by.

With Infinite Love & Peace