Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to Be a Nobody

There is a basic dichotomy in spiritual circles that a lot of people just don't get. It may not be totally conscious. In fact, it is probably for the most part unconscious. But it looks something like this. No matter what spiritual path you're on, and particularly if it is somehow related to non-dualistic tendencies, i.e. Advaita Vedanta, most aspects of Buddhism, etc. the principle is that the 'individual' CAN'T get it. Why? Because the individualized person is an illusion, or at the very least, a temporary manifestation. Enlightenment, Awakening, Self Realization, God Consciousness, etc. are about either destroying, bypassing, avoiding, transcending, obliterating, or recognizing the illusion of that ego-self.

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Yes, that's right. The results are in for the all important, "Should Barnashram get Cows or Goats."

Final tally:
16 people (76%) said we should get goats;
6 people (28%) said we should get Jersey cows;
4 people (19%) said we should get Indian type cows (zebu/brahma);
4 people (19%) said they would help with aninmals.

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Tribute to John Callahan

I hope you will forgive me if I ramble a bit (again) here. First, I want to say, "It's not my fault." I know that the last several of these blogs have, at the very least, mentioned death, if not specifically been about it, but I can't help that John died. Or could I? If it is all a projection of 'my' consciousness, as some non-dualists would tell you, then perhaps it IS my fault. (I'm hoping to include a photo of John I took, but currently having trouble getting the damn blogger upload photo widget to work again. If it's there, you'll see it.)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Death & Collapse - Both Inevitable (Sorry Folks)

Yes, that's right... Buzzkill Baba just can't go very long without bringing up something totally depressing - in this case TWO OF THEM: Death & Collapse of Civilization.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Screw Facebook - How about Reallife?

Hey, I've got a novel idea. What if we started one of those "Social Networks" where, you know, people get together and connect. We could actually go and visit one another, enter into each others homes and lives and share on a really deep level. We could talk WITH each other, actually using our voices, our hearts and our ears. We could perhaps reach out and touch each other from time to time - a gentle touch on the shoulder, a tap on the arm. We could look into each others' eyes and feel and really empathize with the other. Instead of collecting innumerable 'friends' we could actually develop friendships! Instead of useless little games or clever little quips, we could establish some real m

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Passing of a Beloved Friend

I am saddened to share with you the passing of a beloved friend and student, Indumathi Subramanian (Indu). Many of you local Portlanders may remember her from Sanskrit or yoga classes at the Yoga Shala, or Satsangs with myself at Barnashram and our old Belmont location. She was also a semi-regular visitor to the Simplicity Gardens market booth, where I took this photo of her late last season. A few months back Indu called me to say 'good-bye' as she was returning to India (Chennai) to help take care of her ailing parents. I was already saddened by her leaving as I so fondly recall her hearty "Hi Aja"s in that deep South Indian accent of hers.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Does the Word "God" Scare You?

I know that's kind of a strange title - Does the word God scare you? Perhaps another way of saying this might be, "Are you adverse to the word 'God'?" But in either case (or even several other possible ways of phrasing it), the question I would pose is, "WHY?"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Enlightenment - No Big Whoop!

Twenty years ago this month, "I" 'woke up'. What did that look like? Well, having gone through more than 15 years as a Vedic priest, monk, etc., and then hundreds and hundreds of hours of intense inquiry into the question, "Who Am I?", both alone and with others, gradually what began to be recognized, first in rather small glimpses and finally in one colossal boom (so to speak) was the realization that who I am, or really more appropriately What I Am, is Consciousness or Awareness or Presence, or ??? - Lots of names point to it, none really fully cover it. There was a shift which exposed that I wasn't so much the body/mind thing, as the Awareness within which the whole Aja-thing was occurring, along with everything else. The entire universe rested upon, and was permeated by that Awareness. Where was "I"? Where was this Awareness? Everywhere and no where. It just was. (And IS.)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunday Market Expansion & Request for Assistance

For those in the Portland area, just a bit of news on Simplicity Gardens. As our second year at Montavilla Market continues, Simplicity Gardens will (starting this next Sunday) move to a double size booth, so more product. Come by and see, every Sunday and SE 76th & Stark.