Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why the Blight of Blogs?

Mine is Smaller and White!
So what's the deal with the sudden 'Bum's Rush' of Blogs?  It's my 'White Board'. I know...the picture at left is really a blackboard, but it's a more exciting picture than my white board.  (Originally, the caption for this was, "And thus, you have the basic formula for understanding women.").  Anyway, I got two primary things for my birthday a couple of weeks ago - a big white board and an Amazon Kindle (more on this at a later time  and the upcoming "In This Moment Kindle Book") 

Send Me Some Love!!!

Heart to Heart!
Ironically, when I first contemplated writing this blog, it was about how 95% of the time, due to my health, I am at home at Barnashram, and most of that alone, and I am currently at a coffee shop.  (In my defense, however, I am on my way home from the doctor.)

So, anyway, there I am, lying around, spending most of my time between reading, sleeping, meditating, etc. and it comes to me...what else can I do for folks?  You can only sleep so much, my eyes get too tired and blurry after awhile for reading, and eventually there's a blank spot.  So, I thought, I could send out some love. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So Now I'm a Terrorist????

Do I look like this?

Nearly 30 years ago, I did an apparently radical thing,,,I declared my sovereignty, i.e. I became a "Sovereign Citizen".  What does that mean?  It's the same thing the founding fathers did 200+ years ago when they wrote the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. They said there was no one between them and God, such as the King of England or the East India Company  (yep, even then - governments and corporations). 

Now, I didn't do it because I particularly disliked our government, it was simply one of the many things I have done through this life in a question for FREEDOM!  And, I might add, there actually was a great sense of freedom that arose, like one more veil was more thing that I didn't have to identify myself as; one more false conception to cling to or to burden me....there was just Aja and God. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brief Update on Tower

So...the comment period ended (last month), which is followed by a 60 day period ,before the final decision.  (Thanks everyone for your emails and letters!) 

Once the decision has been made it can be appealed (for$250) and then a hearing will be set - about a month or more later.  So right now just sort of a waiting game.

We'll let you know.