Sunday, February 5, 2012

"All I'm Offering You is the Truth"

"Lift me up out of this illusion, Lord. 
Heal my perception, 
that I may know only reality."

I read this quote the other day (I'll tell you who by in a moment) and was nearly brought to tears. What more could we possibly and truly want? However, as many people know, Truth often comes at a very high cost. Jesus said, "The Truth will set you free."  He didn't say it would make you happy or fulfill all your wants. It sets you free.  In India, the word for 'enlightenment' is Moksha or Mukti, literally meaning liberated or freed. It is not so much the airy fairy groovy world that people think it is, but rather the space of absolute freedom from all your preconceived ideas, your hopes and dreams; all the things that make your life "Your Life".