Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sweet Reciprocation with Krishna

As I age, the reality of janma-mrtyu-jara-vyadhi -- birth, death, old age and disease become very obvious, especially the old age and disease, and sometimes its nice to find something that makes it sweeter.  I've been reading The Heart of Transcendental Book Distribution by Aindra Dasa (available as a free PDF download from, and found this particular section very sweet and comforting.

"God is always behind every major and minor happening of the world. Sometimes Krishna gives trouble to the youthful gopis by pinching them or harassing them along the way, toppling their head- or hip-held pots of milk, yogurt, and ghee. At other times He sends them gunja-malas or love messages tremulously inscribed with the juice of red roses by His own hand. Whatever He does, He simply wants to increase their affection for Him, to somehow draw their attention toward Him. Similarly, all tribulation as well as all jubilation experienced in the course of life’s sojourn is but Krishna’s attempt to get our attention, to elicit our reciprocation in various ways. In His childhood, Krishna would often break the motherly gopis’ carefully kept pots of yogurt, butter, and ghee, pinch their babies to make them cry, or mischievously urinate on their freshly cleansed floors before escaping; and the gopis, though not catching Him in the act, would easily surmise that it was all His handiwork.